Bay Thunderbolt Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Above Average
Flowering Period
70 - 77 Days
Sunny, Dry
Growing Difficulty
Sour, Sweet

Where To Buy Bay Thunderbolt Marijuana Seeds

Bay Thunderbolt Marijuana Seeds Information

Bay Thunderbolt is a hybrid strain that composed of mostly sativa variety. The Grand Daddy Purp created this strain by the cross-breeding of Humboldt Honeydew with the strain, Bay 11.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bay Thunderbolt?

The terpene profile of the strain delivers a delicious blend of sour and sweet that all the cannabis users would dig in for. It also comes with effects that could give you euphoric feelings and uplift your mood all day long. The strain can also induce happiness and enhance your inner creativity. The strain can eventually put you in a relaxing state.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bay Thunderbolt?

The strain, Bay Thunderbolt, is an excellent remedy for all the problems you are dealing with every day. It can manage your pain and stress, which easily wipes out all of it, leaving nothing behind. The feelings of depression and anxiety could be treated by using this strain as well. It could also a great help in fighting insomnia as it can give relaxing senses at putting you into a deep sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bay Thunderbolt?

The common issue you will deal with the usage of Bay Thunderbolt is only the drying of the mouth and slight itchiness of the eyes. If consumed at large quantities, the strain could put you into a state of paranoia and anxiousness.

How to Grow Bay Thunderbolt?

The Bay Thunderbolt strain can flourish in either an indoor or outdoor setting. From all suggestions and characteristics of the plant, it is likewise regarded to be a decent plant for beginners to cultivate. Because the cannabis plant thrives in a more sativa variety, the growers are needed to keep the top and trim it to maintain it short to enable the branches to grow lateral.

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