BC Coastal Haze

BC Coastal Haze Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
60 days
Warm, Humid
Growing Difficulty
citrus, earthy, sweet

Where To Buy BC Coastal Haze Marijuana Seeds

BC Coastal Haze Marijuana Seeds Information

The BC Coastal Haze is an indica dominant strain. It originated from southern California in the 70’s Haze Bro’s line. It was brought to the Kootenays and now remain popular over numerous eras passed by.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Coastal Haze?

The strain provides flavors bursting with a citrus taste and with earthy and sweet undertones of scent. These flavors do not only act as it is, but it further gives a feeling of happiness and uplifted vibes good for your body and mind. It allows your body to feel energized and enhances your mind’s creativeness.

What are the medical benefits of BC Coastal Haze?

BC Coastal Haze is great to partner in managing stress, fatigue, and chronic pain. You may no longer feel any discomfort as it heals every one of your conditions with ease. It could also be a great buddy for people with depression thoughts. Patients or even regular consumers can have a great medication of their anxiety and any forms of worries.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Coastal Haze?

Once consumed, the person who had ingested the strain in any delivery method may feel the dryness of the mouth and itchiness of both eyes. When further ingested at large amounts, it could trigger paranoia, dizziness and slight anxiety.

How to Grow BC Coastal Haze?

The strain can be cultivated either outdoor or indoor. It can also be managed under different cultivation techniques. You only need to provide proper ventilation, as well as water schedules and nutrients, which are adequately provided. By the end of the cultivation process, you can have a productive harvest.

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