BC Hash Plant

BC Hash Plant Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18% to 25%
1.63 OZ / FT2
Flowering Period
8 weeks
Warm, Sunny
Growing Difficulty
Pungent, Sweet

Where To Buy BC Hash Plant Marijuana Seeds

BC Hash Plant Marijuana Seeds Information

BC Hash Plant is a balanced hybrid of sativa and indica variety. The BC Grown created a strain directly from BC Hash Plant IBL. It resulted in a strain that is as outstanding as where it came from.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Hash Plant?

The cannabis BC Hash Plant has terpenes that produce the pungent and sweet taste and scent. These not only provide satisfaction to most cannabis users but also the effects it brings. The strain is said to generate strong and potent cognitive high that not only occur alone but is also partnered with a fascinating body high as well.

What are the medical benefits of BC Hash Plant?

The BC Hash Plant has similar medical benefits to the origin of the cannabis strain. It allows the consumers to use its high and potent effects to regulate and manage any discomfort that comes along with pain. It could also make your anxiety drift away in an instant. You may not need to worry about the stressors around as the strain can give you relief from all those.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Hash Plant?

The drying of the mouth and itchiness of the eyes are the most common adverse effects of the strain when consumed. However, when the ingestion of the cannabis strain is not regulated adequately according to your tolerable dosage, you may experience slight dizziness and the minor manifestation of paranoia.

How to Grow BC Hash Plant?

The cannabis plant can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor growing setting. Both can produce great results and generate a high amount of resin. The BC Hash Plant has the ability to grow faster when placed in a greenhouse for cultivation. Thus, a strain that is a must-try for all beginner growers and even this expert growers as well.

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