BC King Haze

BC King Haze Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% To 23%
1.63 OZ / FT2
Flowering Period
49-70 DAYS
Warm, Sunny
Growing Difficulty
Earthy Minty Sweet

Where To Buy BC King Haze Marijuana Seeds

BC King Haze Marijuana Seeds Information

BC King Haze is a balanced hybrid that composed of the genetics from indica and sativa. The Smoke-A-Lot created a strain that was a crossbreed of the Reefermans King IBL with the BCC Haze, in which the strains can produce big colas and round shape buds.  

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC King Haze?

The strain BC King Haze has an earthy scent mixed with a minty and sweet taste. The effects of the strain are harmonious that begins with an immediate cognitive high that is shadowed by a subtle sensation that crawls on your powerfully. It makes you feel euphoric and uplifted all at once. 

What are the Medical Benefits of BC King Haze?

The strain best to treat the medical conditions that most people are enduring every day. It includes pain and stress conditions which could be treated by the consumption of the strain. Any traces of depressiveness and anxiety could make it easy to deal with. It could as well help people having trouble sleeping. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC King Haze?

The strain, despite the benefits it can provide can still give you negative side effects that are easy to deal with. These include drying of the mouth and eyes. The effects could further lead to headaches and dizziness only when consumed at a higher dosage. You may opt for a dosage that can be tolerated only. 

How to Grow BC King Haze?

The BC King Haze cannabis strain is good for indoor and outdoor environments. It may be best suited for hydroponic or soil setup. The strain can be cultivated by beginners as well as it can easily be cultivated with little attention required only. 

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