BC Lambsbread

BC Lambsbread Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
1.63 Oz / Ft2
Flowering Period
9-10 Weeks
Growing Difficulty
Herbal Peppery Citrus

Where To Buy BC Lambsbread Marijuana Seeds

BC Lambsbread Marijuana Seeds Information

BC Lambsbread is a generally contains sativa genetics, created by Canadian Seed Labs. The strain was a combination of  Jamaican Lambsbread with the Bubblegum IBL strain. The genetic parents, Jamaican Lambsbreadis is termed as the Bob Marley’s song and became a popular strain of the cannabis users. The qualities of the parents were acquired while decreasing the flowering period and increasing the potency of the THC. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Lambsbread?

The strain contains terpenes that deliver herbal with blended peppery and citrus flavors. The effects, along with its powerful taste and aroma are a delight to your senses. You will feel an instant euphoria and delivers positive energy on your body. You will not feel the heavy feeling but rather positive stimulation and relaxation all day. 

What are the Medical Benefits of BC Lambsbread?

The strain is amazing in delivering aid for medical consumers. It is widely popular in providing relief from all the suffering you are enduring in the longest time. It can cure depression and anxiety. It could also lesses stress and headaches. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Lambsbread?

It is commonly causing drying of the mouth and eyes. Along with slight dizziness and anxiety. Though these effects are only expected when ingested at a higher dosage. Minimize the amount of consumption according to your tolerated dosage only, regardless of the fact that the effects are not lethal, still, they are unpleasant. 

How to Grow BC Lambsbread?

The cannabis strain BC Lambsbread can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor settings. The plant has a fast flowering time thus can be favorable for beginner growers. It also prefers a minimal amount of maintenance and still produces a great yield. 

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