BC Love Lettuce

BC Love Lettuce Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
9 to 11 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Iceberg lettuce, citrus

Where To Buy BC Love Lettuce Marijuana Seeds

BC Love Lettuce Marijuana Seeds Information

BC Love Lettuce is a hybrid that has  a large sativa dominant strain. The BC Bud Depots made a crossbreed between a pure Burmese strain and the Pacific G-13 strain resulting in an amazing quality of strain that was acquired from the prominent parent lineage. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Love Lettuce?

The flavors of the BC Love Lettuce is very unique and enticing. It has an ice-berg lettuce taste like with aroma of the citrus blend. The effects are quite potent, you can even feel it under your fingertips. It starts with a refreshing high and eventually leads you to energetic and lengthy uplifting feelings more on the cognitive. It can also induce hunger and appetite. 

What are the Medical Benefits of BC Love Lettuce?

The great thing about this strain is, it does not only provide tremendous feelings of stimulation but also can give aid in treating your conditions such as stress and pain. It could also help you with eating problems as it can induce hunger on your system. All the traces of depression will be way off and all the remaining anxiety from your mind will be a drift away instantly. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Love Lettuce?

The strain BC Love Lettuce, on the other hand, may also trigger drying of the mouth and eyes as it can dehydrate you upon consumption. It is best to keep a drink nearby as you take a hit from this lovely strain to avoid any future side effects. 

How to Grow BC Love Lettuce?

The BC Love Lettuce cannabis strain will thrive as a medium-sized plant both indoor and outdoor environments. It only needs a maximum of eleven weeks of the flowering period. However, it is not suggested to be grown by beginners who have limited knowledge of cultivation. 

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