BC Purple Indica

BC Purple Indica Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
Warm, Sunny, balanced humidity
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, Piney, Peppery Sweet, Fruity

Where To Buy BC Purple Indica Marijuana Seeds

BC Purple Indica Marijuana Seeds Information

BC Purple Indica is a pure indica strain that originated from an Unknown indica. Visually, it is very remarkable and has a unique distinction. The physical characteristics are bold without compromising its taste.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Purple Indica?

It has a somewhat sandalwood scent which is little earthy. A closer examination shows delicious and fruity grape undertones. The flowers have a fruity scent once ingested, which may cause discomfort on the nose and throat and lead to a terrible cough. When breathing out, the smoke has a sugar-like grape flavor that could be compared to sweet champagne.

The strain encourages bodily relief immediately. Even though some mental effects can exist, they have much more of a warped psychotic type than that of a cognitive type. The soothing benefits of sound or visual sensations can be experienced by consumers.

What are the Medical Benefits of BC Purple Indica?

As a treatment, BC Purple Indica can be extremely efficient. It could alleviate certain anxiety symptoms and depressive thoughts because of its overwhelmingly sedative impacts. It could also be incredibly effective in alleviating pain in both acute, including the muscle pain that arises following a long exercise, or persistent, such as cancer or nerve pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Purple Indica?

When consuming the strain, you may need a glass of water nearby as it makes you feel thirsty leading to dryness of the mouth with little parched. It could also dry your eyes and sometimes elevate to paranoia when consumed at larger doses.

How to Grow BC Purple Indica?

BC Purple Indica develops small and bushy, as one could anticipate from a pure indica plant. Those who are trying to grow their own strain plants might have outdoor or indoor achievement with this strain, however, it could have better indoor achievement in which growers can regulate optimum conditions. Those who have effectively extracted a harvest may still need to cure the buds appropriately to retain vivid and delicious flowers.

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