BC Sweet Dreams

BC Sweet Dreams Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
7 to 8 weeks
Warm, Sunny
Growing Difficulty
Skunky, Berry, Earthy, Citrus

Where To Buy BC Sweet Dreams Marijuana Seeds

BC Sweet Dreams Marijuana Seeds Information

BC Sweet Dreams is a largely indica hybrid. It has a moderate size of flowers and has nugs with bright green colors. The nugs also possess amber-colored hairs with trichomes that produce light hues.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Sweet Dreams?

The flavors are rather skunky, berry, and earthy with scents plunging within a similar spectrum. It has a citrusy zest throughout the puff being the first and only actual distinction.

If you are looking for certain good dreams, your next buddy is this little sweetheart. The strain is a total creep, but it gets the job done with a blast of pleasure whenever it hits. The pleasure starts into your mind, heading down the shoulders as well as through your hands, calming the muscles and provoking a couch-locking effect.

The heavy humming sound continues with you even the hangover stage, that often leads to a strong and continuous sleeping. You might want to carry a slice of pizza near the bedside table if you are one which is vulnerable to the cravings.

What are the Medical Benefits of  BC Sweet Dreams?

Sweet Dreams is ideal for medicinal use to alleviate the signs of depression, bipolar, anxiety, tension, and other mood disorders that influence the rest and wake-up routines. This is also the highest-valued sleeping pill because it is a promising sedative thus called Sweet Dreams. It will assist with sleeplessness, inflammation, evening discomfort, panic attacks, and persistent condition of the legs.

Fresh or inexperienced consumers are recommended to also be vigilant since this is a creep strain and if you are not certain how you are going to respond, this is wise to ingest it gradually.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Sweet Dreams?

Dryness of the mouth and eyes are expected adverse effects of the strain. Hence, you may need hydration beside you when doing a session. It will further lead you to anxiety and mild dizziness of the dosage is not supervised and consume a heavy amount.

How to Grow BC Sweet Dreams?

To cultivate your dream garden, everything you are going to desire is a green thumb. Sad to disappoint it down for beginners, however for the fainthearted this is not the plant for you. While it will produce a high outcome, this may take a small amount of effort and hard work just to be there. The flowering period is approximately 8 weeks and it gladly thrives indoor or outdoor growing medium.

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