Benedicta Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 - 20%
900 grams per plant (outdoors); 550 grams per square meter (indoors)
Flowering Period
50 - 55 days
Growing Difficulty
Short - medium

Where To Buy Benedicta Marijuana Seeds

Benedicta Marijuana Seeds Information

It is an Indica variety strain that is parented by White Widow and Great White Shark. White Widow is a popular strain that has been on the menu of Dutch coffee shops since the 1990s. Great White Shark is an award-winning strain that has a long-lasting stoned effect. Benedicta turned out to be an Indica-leaning strain that produces compact buds that are shrouded with resin. It is like a machine that produces an ample amount of trichomes.

It can put your mind and body at ease and calmness. So it will be great to smoke at the end of a busy day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Benedicta?

It has the scent of Jasmine so it’s quite relaxing and it has a fruity flavor. For this strain that smells and tastes good, it’s awesome as it functions well with mental and physical aspects. It has soothing abilities for tired muscles. It can also calm you from any uncertainties that you think of.

What are the Medical Benefits of Benedicta?

It can provide temporary relief for both physical and mental health conditions. It will relieve you from pain or ache whether it’s temporary or chronic. It alleviates the symptoms of depression, stress, and other mental ailments.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Benedicta

It causes dry mouth and bloodshot eyes like any other strain.

How to Grow Benedicta?

It can be cultivated within indoor and outdoor plantations. It grows rapidly and it’s highly productive at the same time. Make sure you give it the right amount and kind of nutrients for each growing stage to nourish the plants. 

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