Berry Splash

Berry Splash Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
70 days
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, candy, berry, lemon

Where To Buy Berry Splash Marijuana Seeds

Berry Splash Marijuana Seeds Information

A three-way cross was made to come up with this hybrid strain. Lemon OG, Lemon Haze and Berry OG joined forces to have another Indica dominant strain. It’s a weed that can give you tranquility on the times that you want to relax. It can handle numerous health issues. It’s best consumed in the evening and at night.

Chosen Few Genetics made this hybrid strain to create a tasty representative of Kush. You should try it especially if you are a kush lover.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Berry Splash?

It has a fantastic flavor of berry, candy, and lemon combined for sweetness. You would know that the effect has entered your system if the presence of euphoria is in. It will make you more creative as you are in an upbeat mood. You will also have the cravings for munchies so better have some beside you when toking. It will make you feel sleepy when you take more of it.

What are the Medical Benefits of Berry Splash?

It can treat insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and appetite loss. It has properties that enable it to handle a wide range of autoimmune issues. 

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from Berry Splash

Consumers can have dry mouth and dry eyes after smoking if they didn’t drink water. Pronounced negative effects may arise if you’ve taken a dosage that is not suitable for your tolerance.

How to Grow Berry Splash?

It’s advisable to cultivate it indoors with the SCROG method. The advantage of growing it indoors is that you have control over essential things like temperature and humidity. This plant grows with thick branches that can support if the frosty buds get into its optimal size. 

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