Big Bud Autoflower

Big Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
700 to 900 grams per-square-meters
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7- 8 weeks
warm and slightly dry environment
Growing Difficulty
sweet, berry, nutty, citrus and fruity

Where To Buy Big Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Big Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain was first bred by Afghani Seeds and Extracts and has buds with hues of yellow and green with a hairy-orange pistil with a thick, sticky, and resinous structure and transparent whitish trichomes covering its flowers.

This hybrid strain has a sweet and spicy aroma and will leave you with an appetizing smoke when you are consuming it. The leaves of this hybrid are small to medium and look like pop-corn when trimmed. This strain is an Indica hybrid with dense buds.

What are the Flavor and Effects of the Big Bud Autoflower?

It will also make you creative, whether analytically, or task-based. This cannabis will leave you euphoric and energized while helping you to stay focused.

It will leave you with the energy and strength needed to be on top of your game.

This strain also helps in cerebral stimulation and has a sweet, berry, nutty, citrus, and fruity flavors. This strain will present you with sedating and calming effects while maintaining the boundary and will present you with a relaxing and happy effect.

What are the medical benefits of the Big Bud Autoflower

It is medically effective in the management of depression, bipolar, and moderate stress.

This strain is recommended for people suffering from mild to severe migraine, nausea, and arthritis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Big Bud Autoflower

This strain can also cause the following: dry, itchy eyes, and headache. Intake of this hybrid strain can cause dizziness, paranoia, and dry mouth.

How to Grow the Big Bud Autoflower strain?

The growing of this hybrid is very difficult for those planting it for the first time.

To get the best growth and yield of this strain, the indoor method of cultivation is used. For the first time grower of this strain, it is advisable to seek the strain’s growing information to have a large yield.

For the best growth of this hybrid strain, good lighting is utilized and a large harvest is expected after 7 to 8 weeks of growing this strain. Daily watering at least twice is recommended.

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