Black Fire OG

Black Fire OG Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 23%
1.63 oz per square foot
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
65 to 70 days
Sunny and Temperate
Growing Difficulty
Diesel-smelling, sweet and pungent

Where To Buy Black Fire OG Marijuana Seeds

Black Fire OG Marijuana Seeds Information

This cannabis species is known to have a compact structure that resembles a regular Indica. It has dense big buds that are covered with thick frosty trichomes. It also has dark, broad, and thick leaves.

This strain is a champion as it is awarded as one of the best strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Fire OG?

This strain has a distinct scent. It smells like diesel, which is pungent and has a sweet undertone. Its high has mixed Sativa and Indica effects; it has semi-cerebral high onset and a strong couch locking effects that linger for hours.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Fire OG?

This strain is not only a go-to strain for recreation, but it also has medicinal attributes that come very handy. Its psychoactive effects are ideal for patients who are suffering from depression and stress. Its numbing quality eases the symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, and muscle pains. This strain is also an aid in promoting sleep for Insomnia patients.

Negative Effects you can expect from Black Fire OG?

Adverse reaction to this cannabis strain may include paranoia, due to its cerebral high. It may also cause lethargy if consumed more than one’s threshold. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are expected after using this strain.

How to Grow Black Fire OG?

This strain has relatively long flowering periods of up to 10 weeks. It means that extra patience, along with additional maintenance and care, are required to achieve an optimal yield. This breed can thrive in an indoor environment as long as the photoperiod is followed. This plant can also grow outdoors.

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