Black Gold

Black Gold Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18% to 20%
450 grams per square meters (Indoors) 65 grams per plant (Outdoors)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
50 to 63 Days
Temperate and Humid
Growing Difficulty
Diesel, Citrusy like Grapefruit, pungent as hashish

Where To Buy Black Gold Marijuana Seeds

Black Gold Marijuana Seeds Information

Cream of the Crop breeder expresses their name to their creation of perfectly engineered cannabis. They were able to create a compact plant that can produce an unbelievable amount of resin. This plant is ideal for hash making due to its dripping oil content.

Broad dark green leaves characterize this strain. Its nuggets are highly covered with sticky trichomes that are crystal looking.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Gold?

Its flavors are diverse; it has a diesel-like scent that has a citrusy undertone, which is similar to grapefruit and lingers on the tongue. Its effect is clearly Indica. It has a powerful force that will lock you on your couch and almost narcotic in nature. Using it in the day time is not advisable as it will sedate you to deep sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Gold?

This strain overflows with cannabinoid oils, which are used in vaporizers that are used to treat various illnesses. Its numbing properties are suitable for treating symptoms like muscle spasm, muscle pain, fatigue, and chronic pain. It also provides relief to patients who suffer from sleeping problems like Insomnia.

Negative Effects you can expect from Black Gold?

Negative effects that are linked to cannabis-using is comparable to the adverse effects of this strain. It includes lethargy, dry mouth, or cottonmouth, and dry eyes.

How to Grow Black Gold?

This plant is an ideal plant that beginners and advanced growers will enjoy cultivating. This strain is mold resistant, which is an excellent trait if you are growing your cannabis indoors. It can also be grown outdoors, but it results in minimal differences in yield compared to growing it indoors.

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