Black Star

Black Star Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18% to 22%
Flowering Period
56 to 63 days
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Fruity, Hash

Where To Buy Black Star Marijuana Seeds

Black Star Marijuana Seeds Information

It all started in Colorado Springs, where Healing Canna created the perfect balance of genomes of the Sativa and Indica kingdoms into their strain that they named the Black Star. It has a dark green and damp bud with sturdy leaves which it inherited from its parents which are The Black and the Voodoo Star.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Star?

This cannabis strain has a sweet, fruity, and hashy flavor. This marijuana produces an astronomically intense cerebral stimulation, that will help you to be creative, focused and be productive for the entire day. It can also uplift your energy and provides deep relaxation to the body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Star?

This cannabis strain provides numerous medical functions for treating symptoms of multiple health issues. It can be used to treat patients who suffer from depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, and anxiety. It is ideal for patients that have mental ailments like depression and stress. This strain can also be used in boosting the appetite of patients who lose their cravings.

Negative Effects you can expect from Black Star?

Common adverse effects of using this strain are dry eyes, eye pressure, dry mouth and throat, dizziness and headaches. Consumers may consider checking their dose to avoid severe effects like anxiety or even slight paranoia. 

How to Grow Black Star?

This cannabis plant adapts well in an indoor setup and also flourish in an outdoor environment. It follows the photoperiod cycle to flower. It means that to induce flowering, exposure to light and darkness is necessary. Greenhouse farming is also suitable in cultivating this plant; it protects the plant from pests and traps the heat that is needed by the plant to grow.

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