Blue BuChu

Blue BuChu Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
60 days
indoor/outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, citrus

Where To Buy Blue BuChu Marijuana Seeds

Blue BuChu Marijuana Seeds Information

It is an auto-flowering strain from Bald man Lala Seeds. It is a blend of Blue Streak and BubbleChung which is created by the same breeder of BlueBuChu. Blue Streak is another auto-flowering that copied the characteristic of Blueberry and its stability can be trusted. BubbleChung is an Indica variety and certified medical marijuana.

This strain’s high is good as it’s made from an amazing flavor. It is suitable for daytime and evening smoke. It’s also a choice of growers who don’t have enough patience.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BlueBuChu?

The flavor of this strain is earthy and citrus. It delivers an excellent high that can make you feel light and uplifted. It can give you the energy to tackle your tasks. It has the buzz from Sativa that can make you feel more positive. This effect can enhance your social skills and make you more interactive. You can also feel the weight of relaxation from its Indica part after the high dies down.

What are the medical benefits of BlueBuChu?

It enhances an individual’s appetite so any eating disorders will be eliminated. It curbs pain or aches even the chronic type. Insomnia can be eradicated by this weed as it can make you fall asleep easily.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BlueBuChu

The minor adverse effects are itchy eyes and dry mouth. They can easily be countered by drinking plenty of water.

How to grow BlueBuchu?

This auto strain can be planted indoors and outdoors. You can plant it in coco coir, soil or hydroponic system. Make sure you provide the plants with the right amount of nutrients and water. Overfeeding can cause nutrient burn and overwatering makes way for root rot to develop.

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