Blueberry Gas

Blueberry Gas Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 26%
1.63 oz per square feet
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
63 - 70 days
indoor/outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Blueberry, berry, sour, spicy, diesel

Where To Buy Blueberry Gas Marijuana Seeds

Blueberry Gas Marijuana Seeds Information

Tiger Trees created this three-way cross hybrid strain that is considered a great creation. It is parented by Sour Diesel, Chemdog D, and Blueberry. It has a killer flavor that lasts for some time. It is great for recreational and medical use. It is an Indica dominant strain that can smash your system. It is suitable for evening and night time use.

It grows buds that are composed of nugs that are in the shape of spade and fluffy. They’re in the olive green shade with a tinge of rich blue. They’re blanketed with bright orange pistils and amber, crystal trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Gas?

It has a strong taste of blueberries and berries accentuated by diesel, sourness, and spice. It hits you immediately after you puff. As you are in euphoria, you also feel giddy. When it dwindles, you will start feeling relaxed and calm. Sedation and couch-lock come next.

What are the medical benefits of Blueberry Gas?

It relieves migraines, headaches, and chronic pain. It can also reduce the load of chronic fatigue. Mental disorders’ symptoms are curbed by this weed so patients can get away from depression and mood swings for some time.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blueberry Gas

It can give its users irritated eyes and dry mouth. But you can get away from them by drinking a lot of water.

How to grow Blueberry Gas?

This weed can thrive outdoors and indoors. You can plant it in classic soil or growing medium like coco coir. It’s also good for the hydroponic system. Water it within the right schedule and feed it with the right nutrients.

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