Bluemoon Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20oz/ m2 (Indoor Yield) 21oz/ plant (Outdoor Yield)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
63-70 days
Mediterranean and tropical climate
Growing Difficulty
Average to tall
Herbal, vanilla, earthy, mangoes, blueberry, sweet berry

Where To Buy Bluemoon Marijuana Seeds

Bluemoon Marijuana Seeds Information

Bluemoon is a fractionally indica prevalent hybrid strain created as a lineage of the quintessential Blueberry strain. If you are a supporter of his parent strain, you’re going to be completely madly in love for Bluemoon. Due to its 15-23 percent peak THC dose, this plant delivers a wickedly savory flavor and a crazy powerful rush. Bluemoon’s berry taste is pleasant and tangy, with traces of tropical berries and slightly sour skunk. The scent is aromatic and peppery with such a skunky undertone that is emphasized easily by frilly strawberries and spices as the nugs smoked.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bluemoon

The flavors of Bluemoon are sweet berry, blueberry, mangoes, earthy, vanilla, and herbal. The popular strain is known for only the relaxing of the whole body it offers. Supporters of the strain praise it because of its delicate way to cause a relaxed sort of elation, making it possible to appreciate even to beginners. A further impact it has is the impression of a soft mental vigor, a quality which makes it perfect as a day-starter. The reality that this really calms without transforming anyone into a couch potato makes this such an easy decision: This strain really describes a hallucinatory floaty state, thus enabling social contact and energy to perform tasks mentally and emotionally. Its ability to generate a gentle state of mind-altering high provides a dry, fluffy, hard-to-resist look.

What are the medical benefits of Bluemoon

This specific strain has now become a go-to for anyone trying it out for medicinal uses, with all of its capacity to induce a soft, mild rush. It is a no-brainer since it has been rumored to have only been developed in a medical cannabis lab. It has often been used to manage anyone dealing with illnesses such as anxiety, psychological distress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain owing to such benefits and its high THC content.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bluemoon

It could also provoke a sense of exhaustion, inducing mild anxiety and depression in rare instances, usually on the after-effect of smoking or drinking a high amount. Other small concerns were all about the occurrence of a splitting headache caused through the use of it, and perhaps an impulse to vomit due to dry throat.

How to Grow Bluemoon

This strain develops into a slim and tall plant and transferable inside, and the mild exposure to severe weather shifts makes it easy to control for outside. It is also vulnerable to the insect of red spider pests because of its delicious scent, which can sometimes lure pests. It is cultivated most effectively inside and can also be developed in the Mediterranean or outside tropical climates.

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