Bluez Cluez

Bluez Cluez Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19oz/ m2 (Indoor Yield) 35oz/ plant (Outdoor Yield)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
56-63 days
Hot and temperate outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Blueberry, citrus, earthy, berry, pine, sweet, tree fruit

Where To Buy Bluez Cluez Marijuana Seeds

Bluez Cluez Marijuana Seeds Information

Bluez Cluez is a perfect medical and recreational strain utilized only to cook and make baked goods. Thanks to its citrusy nature, this combination is balanced and enjoyed by almost everyone, combined with its intellectual and calming impacts, making for the ideal giggly evening accompanied by a great company. Bluez Cluez is a blend that has soothing, as well as upbeat results. Juan Moore developed this lovely variant by mixing Tangerine with Blue Widow. This calming strain produces amounts of THC estimated between 12%-17%, rendering it an efficient smoke without becoming immensely powerful.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bluez Cluez?

The flavors of Bluez Cluez are blueberry, citrus, earthy, berry, pine, sweet, and tree fruit. This delivers a soft high; this is why it is favored by many novices-its high is quiet and will leave you feeling safe and comfortable, despite becoming heavy and couch-locked. When you are in need of a laugh, this pressure will certainly satisfy it, as you’ll look like you’re bundled in a warm and cuddly optimism blanket. This strain can leave you feeling deeply invigorated and motivated, causing you to want to be successful, especially when you’re a creative person. It leaves you clear-headed, helping you to do a lot of different things anyway, rather than becoming tired and disoriented as with most other strains.

What are the medical benefits of Bluez Cluez?

This citrusy combination has found to be effective in stress and anxiety management, helping people to figure out a way to compose their thinking more peacefully, reducing the sense of becoming rushed and flustered. By calming your breathing and encouraging being in a meditative state, these can also aid stressed and night owls to find healing. This unique strain is particularly effective at treating severe pain, rendering the people suffering from muscle pain, backaches, and cramps more acceptable. People living with cancer are often known to frequently utilize this type because of its tendency to nullify nausea and elicit a healthy hunger.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bluez Cluez

This strain has several adverse effects, and most of them are relatively minor due to their gentle nature. That mixture will leave you feeling thirsty, rendering your throat dry, and your eyes swollen and itchy, causing you to want to rehydrate with some fluids.

How to Grow Bluez Cluez?

When this strain is grown outside, it surely will develop purple flowers, most often at colder nighttime temps. A combination need not be overfeeding with vitamins, so treat carefully. This tends to live in and grow entirely in a dry and tropical natural environment.

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