Boarcrok Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19oz/ m2 (Indoor Yield) 23oz/ plant (Outdoor Yield)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
56-63 days
Mediterranean climate
Growing Difficulty
Tropical, sweet, strawberry, berry

Where To Buy Boarcrok Marijuana Seeds

Boarcrok Marijuana Seeds Information

Picture a strain which not only contains high levels of THC but is also supplemented with some delicious aromas and flavors. It certainly brings the whole smoking cannabis journey to the next point. Exclusive Seeds have developed a different and unique strain that is uniquely cultivated not only because of its high THC production but also because of sweet and exotic flavors. They call the strain they have engineered, Boarcrok.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Boarcrok?

The flavors of Boarcrok are tropical, sweet, strawberry, and berry. While the strain’s Indica symptoms gradually kick in, patients can experience a sense of deep meditation accompanied by a complete body comfort that can help mildly sedate. This being said, over the next few hours, certain people can genuinely feel tired or stuck onto the sofa. This should be best utilized during the night due to the slow sedative effect of the strain.

What are the medical benefits of Boarcrok?

This specific strain generally has low CBD material. Nevertheless, it still offers an amount of relaxation for all types of health problems. First, its upbeat impact on Sativa could provide short term relief for users who cope with stress and anxiety. Around the same time, the capacity of the tension to enhance a user’s perception of concentration and sensory perception can benefit ADHD users.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Boarcrok

Full cottonmouth is characteristic of this particular strain because cannabinoids interact in the mouth with the development of saliva. It is rarely followed by eye problems like a sensation of it being dry, but both are normal. A rather more common side effect is anxiety caused by the overuse of the strain. Therefore, the use of the strain in balance is important for consumers.

How to Grow Boarcrok?

As with any form of weed, patients may also encounter certain adverse effects from consuming this strain. The first and most commonly reported symptom is dry mouth, which could also be followed by dry eye symptoms. Some mild cases could include depression and anxiety.

Some good news for potential farmers is that they can cultivate this strain either indoors or outdoors. At the very same time, it does not need any practice growing marijuana, making the strain an ideal choice for first-time producers who want to develop the strain alone.

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