Body and Soul

Body and Soul Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18oz/ m2 (Indoor Yield)           21oz/ plant (Outdoor Yield)
Flowering Period
63-77 days
Sunny and very warm
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, flowery, woody, sweet, tea

Where To Buy Body and Soul Marijuana Seeds

Body and Soul Marijuana Seeds Information

Body and Soul is an incredibly strong, mixed-breed landrace from Gage Green. This spacious and hallucinogenic weed has been one of the best almost pure sativas you could potentially get on with your hands. It is also established for its very lengthy flowering time, rendering you work hard to improve its many elevating effects. Body and Soul is a mostly sativa landrace plant. This bud develops tall, which takes much longer than its predecessors, clocking in on average at around 9 to 11 weeks, but it’s certainly more than worth the wait.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Body and Soul?

The flavors of Body and Soul are earthy, flowery, woody, sweet, and tea. This powerful strain will keep you feeling concentrated for longer, helping you to relax into any job at hand. This particular strain will delay your focus, so don’t try anymore if you’re searching for the best kind of pressure to see you through your hot, hard Monday morning. This strain is elevating in essence, sending you into a good mood that has been giggly and infectiously elevated. Here you will feel emotionally and mentally secure during the day while staying clear-headed. When you need some lift, then this pressure will give you a deep sense of contentment and joy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Body and Soul?

Patients who find it difficult to handle their depressive symptoms may feel much more open-minded and optimistic when they smoke this strain. It can also significantly reduce chronic migraines without, like other strains, making the sufferer feel heavy and sleepy. This strain is incredibly energizing, makes it an ideal option for people living with chronic fatigue. Sometimes this strain is much more efficient than the regular cup of coffee, and it can also help to remove vomiting in people with cancer, helping them to recover their missing appetites.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Body and Soul

This particular strain is fairly strong so that you can anticipate a few symptoms when you smoke this tasty strain. This bud can leave you feeling dizzy since it is very invigorating, so especially if you’re trying to have it in high doses, you must allow and anticipate that. Other side effects that you would get from smoking this strain is a sense of being thirsty, rendering you with a dry mouth. Some may have indicated that it can make them feel very nervous and suspicious, even though this usually happens when ingested at a higher dose.

How to Grow Body and Soul?

This strain can develop very quickly, as it has emerged to be immune to most common illnesses and molds. This strain takes a very long time to bloom so you can brace yourself for a harvest date even longer than you would have been used to.

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