Boo Berry

Boo Berry Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Medium to High
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
49 to 70 days
Growing Difficulty
Berry, Sweet

Where To Buy Boo Berry Marijuana Seeds

Boo Berry Marijuana Seeds Information

The Boo Berry strain is produced by the Lost River Seeds and is an indica dominant strain. It is a product from the combined strains of Blueberry and Afghani, or to some more complicated mix, the M.O.B. (mother of berry) (Jerry Berry x DJ Shorts Blueberry) and Venkman OG.

Boo Berry gives off a skunky aroma, and it tastes like the mushiness of berries. With leaves that are green and lengthy, has orange hairs and yellow trichomes that could often be seen as golden colored, Boo Berry is sure to give smokers a psychedelic and enjoyable trip perfect for evening use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Boo Berry?

Boo Berry offers the same old classic flavors of sweet and berry. When consumed, it causes the user to have euphoric high to the point it is psychedelic to some due to its indica roots. It also causes the user to calm and relax, gain appetite, and is also a pain reliever. Some users report that it also causes creativeness to emerge.

What are the medical benefits of Boo Berry?

Boo Berry also gives medical benefits such as a treatment for insomnia, anxiousness, depression, certain types of pain, and stress.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Boo Berry

Boo Berry is known to cause dryness of the mouth and eyes. Though the side effect is minimal, caution is advised when taking an indica marijuana. It is not recommended to be under the influence when at work.

How to Grow Boo Berry? Some information and Tips

When you grow Boo Berry, it should be cultivated indoors or outdoors though it might require protection from molds and pests. You may trim leaves and branches depending on your desired height.

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