Boss Banner

Boss Banner Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
21oz/ m2 (Indoor Yield) 35oz/ plant (Outdoor Yield)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
49-63 days
warm and dry outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
70 inches
Berry, Diesel, Strawberry, Sweet

Where To Buy Boss Banner Marijuana Seeds

Boss Banner Marijuana Seeds Information

Boss Banner from Nerds Genetic is an Indica-Sativa Dominant Hybrid that can be developed inside, outside, and even in nurseries. It is a hybrid of Bruce Banner and Sour Strawberry. Its male was chosen for its sellar structure and remarkable smell, loaning its solid hereditary attributes to making the greatness that is the Boss Banner arrangement. Being consistent with its name, this strain is splendid green, has large buds and high THC content, conveying a solid punch.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Boss Banner?

The predominant flavor is sweet, with notes of citrus and a solid, impactful smell. This weed strain prompts a solid cerebral high and lifts vitality while prompting laughs and social connections. It also elevates the state of mind eases misery. Loosens up the body, assuages pressure, has excellent pain-relieving properties.

What are the medical benefits of Boss Banner?

Proceeds to effectively treat patients with constant pressure issue, and experience issues in attempting to discover genuine unwinding. It is incredible at mending torment side effects, and it is an extraordinary torment to the instrument, particularly for basic infirmities, for example, joint torment, spinal pains, muscle fits, and headaches. This strain is additionally extraordinary for disease patients who need to prompt a more beneficial craving that they may have lost during radiation or chemotherapy.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Boss Banner

It ordinarily can make you feel somewhat got dried out, with an instance of the cottonmouth and dry and irritated eyes being a genuinely typical event. This strain can some of the time make you feel a little dazed not long after smoking it because of its power, and now and again, this may form into a gentle episode of suspicion.

How to Grow Boss Banner?

This half and half develop into a tall plant, particularly when developed in the correct conditions. On the off chance that you reap it prior, you may get somewhat of a heavier impact off the bud. At the point when developed in the ideal condition, this fruity strain can give an extremely liberal yield.

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