Boulder Bubblegum

Boulder Bubblegum Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sweet, Herbal, Pine, and Berry
Flowering Period
Warm and dry environment
500 grams per m2
Growing Difficulty
15 to 21%

Where To Buy Boulder Bubblegum Marijuana Seeds

Boulder Bubblegum Marijuana Seeds Information

This variety came from parents not exactly known as its breeder did not release the data but are surely packed with many treats. Its genetics is just known to come from the Bubble gum variety that has produced many other strains loved by users and growers. This variety was breed by Sagamartha Seeds and they were rewarded as this cannabis has received many awards for its good quality yield. It can go a little bit more sativa but it can get to a near balanced hybrid.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Boulder Bubblegum?

You can taste a berry dominant flavored cannabis variety with some sweet, herbal, and pine flavors. This cannabis variety allows you to relax with head and body high. The effect can vary from each user leaving one more body high while one is more head high. But its general effect would allow you to relax and calm down your nerves. You can choose to use the evening or day time.

What are the medical benefits of Boulder Bubblegum?

Boulder Bubblegum can help with anxiety, relaxes your body, relieves, stress and helps in depression. It is good at helping you to be calm and away from pain.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Boulder Bubblegum

You can experience having a dry mouth or dry eyes, with little chance of getting a headache. They are common negative effects and not a source of worry.

How to Grow Boulder Bubblegum?

You can grow it indoor or outdoor when you like to try growing your own plants. Water them well and make sure to have a good space for them to grow.

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