Brainstorm X G13

Brainstorm X G13 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
500-600 g/m2
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
85 days
Warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Pine, Woody

Where To Buy Brainstorm X G13 Marijuana Seeds

Brainstorm X G13 Marijuana Seeds Information

A promising strain carefully formulated by Delta Labs for almost 3 years, Brainstorm x G13 possesses mostly sativa genetics. It composes of 95% sativa and 5% indica properties from its parents, Brainstorm Haze (mother) and G13 Haze (father). Oozing with a high amount of THC, it also has a high amount of resin production. Recommended for experienced growers, this potent strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Brainstorm x G13?

Brainstorm x G13 smells just like how it tastes. Its G13 Haze dad provided the pungent haze which is prevalent upon inhalation, while Brainstorm Haze contributed the woody flavor. The euphoric high stealthily creeps in your mind so the negative thoughts will be caught unaware. Once it has subdued the unsavory thoughts, it will let the ideas and positivity conquer your mind. It will then proceed from the back of your head down to your body to relax all pain and tension. The user finds themselves uplifted, talkative and productive.

What are the medical benefits of Brainstorm x G13?

Brainstorm x G13 can help patients with attention deficit disorders to focus and concentrate. True to its name, it is indeed a strain which can aid the user in brainstorming sessions. It can unleash suppressed ideas and creativity. It can also help in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, chronic stress and PTSD. If you are having concerns with appetite loss, this strain can trigger your cravings.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Brainstorm x G13

Brainstorm x G13 delivers the usual minor effects that come with potent strains, namely dry eyes, parched throat and cottonmouth. To combat these effects, all you need to do is simply prepare a bottle or glass of water before you indulge. Major effects can range from sleeplessness, anxiety, headache, migraine and paranoia.

How to grow Brainstorm x G13? Some information and Tips

The Screen of Green (SCROG) method suits Brainstorm x G13 well. Since its tall growth is triggered by its sativa properties, make sure to top, prune or trellis as early as possible to increase yield. It responds well if planted in big pots or bins. The strain is also a heavy feeder.

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