Brenda’s Skunk x NL

Brenda’s Skunk x NL Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 -10 weeks
Warm climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Skunk

Where To Buy Brenda’s Skunk x NL Marijuana Seeds

Brenda’s Skunk x NL Marijuana Seeds Information

As you can infer from the strain name itself, Brenda’s Skunk x NL is a genius combination of Brenda’s Skunk’s potency crossed with another powerful strain, Northern Lights. This collaboration produced a plant with light green leaves, pretty purple hues and abundant sticky resins. It looks like a mini Christmas tree showered with just the right amount of snow. This strain bred by East Island can survive either indoors or outdoors.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Brenda’s Skunk x NL?

Brenda’s Skunk x NL is a delectable mix of sweetness and skunkiness. Being indica dominant, this strain can give you a smooth high which delivers a clear mind and body unwinding. It is best for individuals who needed a kick in focus and concentration. The clear-headed buzz sweeps all unnecessary thoughts to make way for energy and creativity. After refreshing your mind, it will proceed in refreshing your whole body by relaxing any pain or tension.

What are the medical benefits of Brenda’s Skunk x NL?

You can rely upon Brenda’s Skunk x NL to treat body and mind pain and pressure. For anxiety, depression and stress patients, it helps them by erasing sad thoughts and feelings of helplessness. It also helps in stimulating hunger for those struggling with appetite loss. The strain can likewise help with PTSD, headaches, sleep deprivation, and joint pain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Brenda’s Skunk x NL

We cannot really blame users from overindulging in Brenda’s Skunk x NL’s goodness, but smoking it beyond moderation can cause dry mouth, a painful, parched throat, and dry eyes. Some users have also reported being in a state of anxiety, paranoia, and hallucination. As always advised, have refreshments nearby and never smoke beyond your tolerance.

How to grow Brenda’s Skunk x NL? Some information and Tips

You can have the ultimate guide in growing the strain in checking out how its parents are grown. Brenda’s Skunk x NL thrives well in a SOG or Sea of Green setup. Make sure the plants will get adequate air and sunlight, and feed it with an adequate amount of nutrients.

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