BrightBerry Cookies

BrightBerry Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
63 days
Warm climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Fruity, Skunky

Where To Buy BrightBerry Cookies Marijuana Seeds

BrightBerry Cookies Marijuana Seeds Information

BrightBerry Cookies is the result of crossing Blackberry Kush with Girl Scout Cookies x Dank #5. The combination produced a plant with a sweet and fruity delicious aroma. Dominated with indica genes, this promising strain was carefully blended by Farmhouse Genetics. It can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. It is also important to note that seeds for the strain are not available so you can only obtain clones if you want to give it a shot in your garden.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BrightBerry Cookies?

BrightBerry Cookies’ taste lives up to its catchy name. It tastes sweet and fruity upon inhalation. It will remind you of freshly baked berry cookies in the morning. Upon exhalation, it leaves a skunky kick in the mouth. The user will start to feel high in the head. The euphoria uplifts the spirit to the point that he will feel like jumping into a huge body of water. The gravity felt is the high slowly settling down to the body. It is like being pulled down by a whirlpool. Upon reaching the end of the whirlpool, the user re-emerges feeling refreshed, happy and creative.

What are the medical benefits of BrightBerry Cookies?

BrightBerry Cookies’ dominant indica qualities are perfect for people suffering from anxiety and depression. The strain can calm their nerves while increasing their productivity. It clears the head and increases focus, hence, the thought process is organized and self-awareness is increased. People with insomnia and appetite loss can also greatly benefit from it as it can induce sleep and appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from BrightBerry Cookies

BrightBerry Cookies’ effect is not always on the bright side. Smoking a little bit too much than your tolerance can produce the opposite results of the reason why you smoked it in the first place. It can cause a throbbing migraine which can slow your productivity. Dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth are also common downsides.

How to grow BrightBerry Cookies? Some information and Tips

With its indica qualities, BrightBerry Cookies can grow bushy. Pruning is recommended to allow air and light to circulate properly. Humidity should be kept at a lower level to prevent molds. In terms of the growing method, the Sea of Green (SOG) method is the best option.

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