Bruce Banner OG

Bruce Banner OG Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
28%, but some breeders have 30%
250 to 500g/m²
Flowering Period
up to 9 weeks
Warm and dry
Growing Difficulty
70 inches
Orange, Earthy, Peppery

Where To Buy Bruce Banner OG Marijuana Seeds

Bruce Banner OG Marijuana Seeds Information

Bruce Banner OG is named after the mean green monster of the Avengers. It packs a lot of quick and long-lasting “smash,” while after that, it hits the body with cerebral buzz and inspires to bring out your hidden creativity.

Bruce Banner OG has green, long and slender leaves, white hairs, and the shade of lavender colored trichomes. This strain is known for its sativa effects. It could cause your hidden sociable skills to come out. It could also make your daytime activities fun and enjoyable. Perfect for daytime use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bruce Banner OG?

Bruce Banner OG offers the deliciousness of orange, earthy, and peppery flavors. When consumed, it gives a really strong physical effect and cerebral buzz, so first-time smokers might have to consume this strain slowly or not at all.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bruce Banner OG?

Bruce Banner OG offers a lot of medical benefits such as aid for anxiety, arthritis, certain kinds of pain like lower back pain, joint pains. It also helps reduce migraines, gastritis, ADD/ADHD, and Post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Bruce Banner OG

Even if Bruce Banner OG is a hero, due to its sativa genes, it could cause to pump up the user’s heart and pulse rate. It could also cause slight to extreme sweating, anxiousness, and paranoia. Effects may vary from person to person.

How to Grow Bruce Banner OG? Some information and Tips

When growing Bruce Banner OG, it should be cultivated either indoors or outdoors, but is preferably outdoors for huge harvests. Bruce Banner OG can take care of itself, how do you think it qualified for entering the Avengers team? But seriously, Bruce Banner OG has a high resistance to molds and pests, making it perfect for first-time breeders or home cultivators.

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