Bubble Girl

Bubble Girl Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16 to 23%
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks
Warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Medium to tall
Sweet, Fruity, Candy, and Bubble gum

Where To Buy Bubble Girl Marijuana Seeds

Bubble Girl Marijuana Seeds Information

Bubble Girl is the result of a combination made from Girl Scout Cookies (clone only, Jigga) and Bubble Chem (male, Top Dawgs) made by Bean Boyz Genetics.

The parent Girl Scout Cookies is more indica than sativa. It produces an average yield but does well in its taste and strong effect. It has garnered many awards that testify to its good quality and taste buds.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bubble Girl?

Bubble Girl flavors are sweet, fruity, candy, and bubble gum. You can have a high cerebral effect and the relaxing body effect that can hit you down on your couch or just enough to help you relax.

What are the medical benefits of Bubble Girl?

Be relieved from your depression, insomnia, anxiety and also fatigue and mild pain. It is a good variety for regular medication as it has a long-lasting effect that is very pleasing.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Bubble Girl

You may experience negative effects of dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes, slightly paranoid, or a headache. These are all common negative effects of consuming cannabis. Bear in mind to follow the doctor’s prescription especially when you are new to cannabis medication.

How to Grow Bubble Girl?

Bubble Girl is a strong plant that can be grown by a beginner. You can grow it indoors or outdoor. Do not forget to regularly check the basic needs and look out for molds. This plant can resist pests and insects that you will not worry much even if you leave them indoors or outdoors. It gives an average yield but gives generously when it comes to taste.

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