Bubblefunk Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
up to 125 grams / 545 g/m2
Flowering Period
45-55 days
Warm environment
Growing Difficulty
2.5 - 3.5 feet at maturity
Sweet and Fruity

Where To Buy Bubblefunk Marijuana Seeds

Bubblefunk Marijuana Seeds Information

This is indica dominant cannabis type that was produced by the British Columbia Seed Company. Its parents are Bubbleberry combined with N.L. #5 (F-1 hybrid x IBL). Blueberry’s mother contributed her strong potency and sweet taste. You will not miss the bubblegum taste, the trademark of its mom. The NL father contributes a short flowering time, high yield, and average height. It can be used for night or day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bubblefunk?

Get the taste of sweet and fruity cannabis plants that will allow you to enjoy bubblegum. This allows you to be on high for about 6 to 8 hours when you smoke or 10 to 12 hours when you eat it. You will have a body high and allows you to relax and calm.

What are the medical benefits of Bubblefunk?

Get the medical benefits of being relieved from pain, depression, anxiety, appetite loss, and fatigue. Make sure to follow your doctor’s prescription for this cannabis. The medical benefits of potency can vary from each user.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Bubblefunk

The common negative effect includes dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, sleepiness and you may be hungry.

How to Grow Bubblefunk?

This cannabis plant type is strong plants that will not require much attention to the grower. It can repel insects and grows vigorously. It’s a healthy plant that gives much yield and good quality buds. It is a very manageable cannabis plant that you can grow indoor or outdoor. Just make sure that it is not a rainy place where molds can be common.

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