Burmese Skunk

Burmese Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14 to 21%
Flowering Period
8 to 9 weeks
Dry and warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Average to Tall
Sweet, Earthy, Skunk

Where To Buy Burmese Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Burmese Skunk Marijuana Seeds Information

Vashon Seed and Mercantile have made the combination of the Burmese variety with the Dutch Skunk 1 and this new variety was born. The Burmese variety has been kept for a good number of years and is still active in gardens and breeding. Its pure variety is being kept by breeders retaining its own traits for its pure enjoyment or breeding it more with others to enhance its characteristics.

Vancouver Island Seed Company is another source of this great variety in its pure state or the Burmese Skunk hybrid.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Burmese Skunk?

You will taste flavors of skunk, earthy, and sweet. This gives the common relaxing effect that marijuana gives and this variety targets more head high than the body. You will get to experience a relaxed state where you can just sit and meditate or make some happy moments. It gives you positive and good vibes. It is a strong variety that the effect could be felt longer than expected.

What are the Medical Benefits of Burmese Skunk?

Get help with your pain with this marijuana variety. It can be strong to mild and also helps with depression, stress, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Burmese Skunk

The common negative effects of marijuana are what you will expect. These effects also vary with users so what you experience is different from your companion whom you take the marijuana with. There is headache, dry mouth or eyes, sleepiness, dizziness, paranoia or anxiousness.

How to Grow Burmese Skunk? 

Burmese Skunk is a variety that you need to care for its nutrients need and check for insects, pests or appearance of mold very carefully. It does not require special tools and materials though other than the basic ones.

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