C 99 IBL

C-99 IBL Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 23%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 9 weeks
dry environment
Growing Difficulty
51 inches
Apple, Earthy

Where To Buy C-99 IBL Marijuana Seeds

C-99 IBL Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain is a product of GreenMan Organics and it’s a lineage of Cinderella 99 F3 IBL. It has vivid, slender green leaves, lined with white hairs and crystal trichomes, and yellow shades of buds. It needs a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks.

C-99 IBL presents the tasty savory flavors of apple and earthy. If consumed, it allows the user to surface with bursting energy which triggers creativity. It also comes with therapeutic benefits which might help with depression and anxiety. Recommended when you’re having low self-esteem or a stressful day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of C-99 IBL?

C-99 IBL presents the flavors of apple and earthy. When consumed it’s euphorically satisfying when ingested that it will energize and fuel you up, getting you ready for the upcoming events heading your way. An energizer uplifts you and gives you a feeling of inspiration.

What are the medical benefits of C-99 IBL?

C-99 IBL has medical benefits that help treat depression, anxiety and some types of stress.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from C-99 IBL

Because of its sativa nature, if used in a way longer than a normal dose, you should anticipate an increase in heart rate and palpitation. So it is best to have a companion that doesn’t use to accompany you. Proceed with caution.

How to Grow C-99 IBL? Some information and Tips

C-99 IBL may be grown outdoors or indoors. By the end of your strains flowering cycle, you will have fantastic yields with the proper guidance of an experienced cultivator. Proper positioning away from molds and rodents and sufficient nutrients for optimal growth are essential.

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