C B D.

C.B.D. Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
9 weeks
dry, indoors or outdoors
Growing Difficulty
up to 100cm
Earthy, Fresh, Pine, Kushy

Where To Buy C.B.D. Marijuana Seeds

C.B.D. Marijuana Seeds Information

C.B.D. is a hybrid strain but it leans more towards its indica roots. C.B.D. is a product of Dutch Passion with the cooperation of CBD Crew. Its parents are Kandy Kush and an unnamed high CBD strain. It has quite compact buds, lush green leaves, white hairs and thick trichomes.

It offers the classy flavors of earthy, fresh, pine and kushy. C.B.D. strain offers medical benefits such as pain reliever and anti-inflammatory treatment. It has a quite subtle psychoactive effect that relaxes the muscles and adds relaxation to be used most likely in the evening and night time.

What are the Flavor and Effects of C.B.D.?

C.B.D. offers tasty flavors of earthy, fresh, pine and kushy. When consumed, it deals strong body stone but it won’t break you down. It induces extreme sedation but pleasurable and euphoric high. Perfect for evening and night time usage.

What are the medical benefits of C.B.D.?

C.B.D. strain helps to deal with the following ailments such as depression, anxiety, arthritis, ADHD symptoms and certain types of pain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from C.B.D.

Though C.B.D. offers a lot of medical benefits, it has been known to have side effects such as dryness of the mouth and eyes, slight paranoia when used for too long.

How to Grow C.B.D.? Some information and Tips

To grow C.B.D., it is preferred to be planted indoors and outdoors. Expert consultation is advised before getting this hybrid strain. The plant should be placed in a well-lit indoor location for proper growth or outdoors under the tolerable shade of the sun resulting in good yields. Also, good fertilizer for the nutrients necessary.

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