C4 Matic

C4-Matic Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
450g to 650g/m² indoors, 50g to 350g/plant
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
up to 8 weeks
indoor/outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
90cm to 120cm

Where To Buy C4-Matic Marijuana Seeds

C4-Matic Marijuana Seeds Information

C4-Matic is a hybrid strain produced by FastBuds breeders/seeders. It is the result of combining the strains Big Bud, Skunk, White Widow, and an unknown ruderalis. Due to its ruderalis roots, it is a fast-growing strain perfect for first-time growers. It grows lengthy green leaves and beautiful compact buds.

C4-Matic gives off a deliciously fragrant aroma and tasty berry flavor. This strain when consumed, it deals with strong body effects, leaving you relaxed throughout its usage. It also offers some medicinal help.

What are the Flavor and Effects of C4-Matic?

C4-Matic presents the classic flavor of berry flavor. When consumed, it gives off a strong physical effect, rendering the user calm and relaxed, could cause happiness and uplifted spirit while under the influence perfect for daytime, or most likely at evening or night time.

What are the medical benefits of C4-Matic?

C4-Matic has the medical benefits that could treat people with nausea, migraines, anxiousness and certain types of pain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from C4-Matic

There haven’t been any negative side effects found on any source for C4-Matic, but dizziness, paranoia, and dryness of the mouth and eyes are to be expected when under the influence of this cannabis strain. It preferred to be used only when there are no more daytime duties or if you are having a break from work.

How to Grow C4-Matic? Some information and Tips

To grow C4-Matic strain, it should be nurtured in either indoors or outdoors. This strain is perfect for commercial breeders, sellers and first-time cultivators as it is a fast flowering plant, meaning, you will get your results faster than expected.

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