C99 Haze

C99 Haze Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 20%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
7 weeks
dry, indoors or outdoors
Growing Difficulty
250cm to 300cm

Where To Buy C99 Haze Marijuana Seeds

C99 Haze Marijuana Seeds Information

Produced by 710 Genetics, C99 Haze is a sativa dominant strain. It came from its parents, the Cinderella 99 strain and an Unknown Haze. C99 Haze produces long, dense flowers with a large number of white hairs and crystal trichomes. The flowering time is as little as seven weeks, making C99 Haze one of the fastest-growing sativa available right now. C99 Haze’s buds are thick and frosty and have white and orange hairs.

C99 Haze has a skunky flavor. When taken in, it creates a strong effect that targets the head that lasts long, perfect for recreational activities or most likely in social gatherings perfect for sharing and having a fun time.

What are the Flavor and Effects of C99 Haze?

C99 Haze delivers its mild skunk taste. When consumed, it will take you into a euphoric state, yet it energizes and gives concentration making it a perfect partner to increase your social points. Its effects are long-lasting and can also be used in recreational activities.

What are the medical benefits of C99 Haze?

C99 Haze has medical properties benefitting people with anxiety, it’s also an analgesic and can treat certain types of pain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from C99 Haze

There are currently no records saying C99 Haze came with negative effects, but due to its sativa nature, expect your mouth and eyes to dry up. Because it gives energy, it can increase your heart rate and your pulse rate. Proceed with extreme caution.

How to Grow C99 Haze? Some information and Tips

To grow C99 Haze, it can be cultivated in dry places indoor or outdoor. With the proper environment and watchful eye for molds, pests and other animals that can potentially harm your strain, it should grow bountifully. C99 Haze is a fast flowering plant making it a perfect first plant suggestion for novice cultivators.

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