C99 x Blueberry FAST

C99 x Blueberry FAST Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 22%
350g to 450g/m²
Flowering Period
6 to 7 weeks
Indoor and Outdoor
Growing Difficulty
80cm to 140cm
Citrus, Blueberry

Where To Buy C99 x Blueberry FAST Marijuana Seeds

C99 x Blueberry FAST Marijuana Seeds Information

A hybrid indica-sativa strain made by Seedsman, C99 x Blueberry FAST, is fast-growing marijuana. Its parents are Cinderella 99, Blueberry, and an unknown/unnamed fast-growing parent plant. Its leaves are large and lengthy, coated with crystal-like trichomes that surround the buds, and also show shades of yellow giving it an eye-catching appeal.

C99 x Blueberry FAST gives off a flowery and earthy aroma, with the delicious flavors of citrus and blueberry. When consumed, it hits with a physical effect and brings medical benefits such as treatment for depression and headaches. It’s also perfect for beginners due to its fast-growing feature.

What are the Flavor and Effects of C99 x Blueberry FAST?

C99 x Blueberry FAST offers the tasty goodness of citrus and blueberry. When consumed, you will feel its smooth smoke creating a strong and euphoric buzz throughout your body.

What are the medical benefits of C99 x Blueberry FAST?

C99 x Blueberry FAST offers treatment for stress and fatigue due to everyday work, depression, headaches, and certain types of pain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from C99 x Blueberry FAST

Though C99 x Blueberry FAST offers medicinal value, it also comes with repercussions such as dryness of the mouth and eyes, paranoia. It could also deal with a reverse effect of its medical benefits such as headaches and anxiety. Hydration is recommended after using the strain.

How to Grow C99 x Blueberry FAST? Some information and Tips

C99 x Blueberry FAST can be cultivated in indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse locations. The plant is recommended for beginners as it has speedy flowering time. Though, caution is advised as it grows fast and will cramp up space in your pot. It grows large leaves and only a few buds so that trimming will be really easy.

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