Californian Orange

Californian Orange Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 21.6%
350-700 gr / m2
Flowering Period
8 – 10 weeks
Warm, sunny climate
Growing Difficulty
> 250cm
Fruity, Citrus, Orange

Where To Buy Californian Orange Marijuana Seeds

Californian Orange Marijuana Seeds Information

The 50/50 Indica-Sativa Californian Orange strain is perfect for people looking for an old-school high. It’s believed to come into existence in the 1980s. It might have an unknown origin, but the high it delivers will never be a mystery as it’s highly recommended. It can be an introductory strain for beginners. With its tropical fruity flavour, it guarantees a smooth smoke with a sweet aftertaste.

What are the flavors and effects of Californian Orange?

True to its name, the Californian Orange is a blast of sweet orange smell and taste. The sativa effect delivers an instant feeling of being uplifted and euphoric. The happiness won’t let one sit in place. On the other hand, the indica effect aids in relaxation. It’s a light smoke which goes downs smoothly; it’s almost just like consuming an orange-flavored drink. There is no harshness and rough coughing at all.

What are the medical benefits of Californian Orange?

When smoked moderately, it gives out a sativa type of high. Heavier dose causes indica feeling. Taking a dab after a long day at work helps alleviate stress, pain, and fatigue. It’s good for chilling while listening to good music or watching a movie. It’s also used to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is also recommended for poor appetite.

Negative effects you can expect from Californian Orange

Incorrect doses will cause the opposite of the feeling being sought after. While it can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, it can also cause the former, insomnia and paranoia. Some users have experienced having dry eyes and mouth so a drink should be nearby. If you are looking for the sativa effect, overindulging can make you feel dizzy and sleepy.

How to grow Californian Orange? Some information and Tips

California Orange is easy to grow whether in a greenhouse, outdoors or indoors, but it thrives more in an indoor setting. The cone-shaped buds are covered in orange to pink hairs and sticky resin. Even on leaves, the resin production is high. The flowering starts at around 6-8 weeks which can be replanted once it reaches maturity.Harvest time can be from September until November.

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