Californian Skunk Haze

Californian Skunk Haze Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
8 - 15%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
9-10 weeks
Warm climate
Growing Difficulty
40 - 55 cm
Sweet, herbal, lemon

Where To Buy Californian Skunk Haze Marijuana Seeds

Californian Skunk Haze Marijuana Seeds Information

Originating from the state of California, the sativa- dominant Californian Skunk Haze is a cross of Californian Orange Skunk, Skunk #1 and Classic Haze. The skunky taste with a touch of sweet orangey citrus taste gives out an enhanced high. The haze helps improve the clear high effect, while the skunk’s bulk completes the balance. Contrary to the high it could give, it is among the shorter strains. It’s perfect for beginners and growers since it’s fairly easy to grow.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Californian Skunk Haze?

The hybrid gives a sharp tang of sweet orange aroma and taste. Once smoked, the high is immediate but arrives in an elevating manner. It activates the part of the brain responsible for creativity. The strong, lemon scent promises an uplifting mental high. A few clouds of smoke provide an energy boost, complete with an uplifting feeling and pure happiness.

What are the medical benefits of Californian Skunk Haze?

Californian Skunk Haze targets the cerebral rather than the physical. Being sativa-dominant, it’s good for morning use to jumpstart one’s day. The cerebral high eliminates feelings of pain and stress. The mix of Skunk’s potency and Haze’s medicinal aspect helps with appetite loss. While a blend of individually powerful blends, it gives a crisp clear-headed focus.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Californian Skunk Haze

Users have reported having a dry mouth or eyes after a large intake. There are also a few reported cases of paranoia. Though it’s known for triggering more of a cerebral high than a physical one, an uncontrolled dab can make one dizzy instead of being energized.

How to grow Californian Skunk Haze? Some information and Tips

Californian Skunk Haze grows long flowers with light shades of green. The buds produce orange hairs around it, and the flowering time may take 9 up to 10 weeks.

Californian Skunk Haze can be grown indoors, outdoors or even in greenhouses. It’s advisable to have it under fluorescent grow lights or led lights. Hydroponic setups in closets or greenhouses will also do. It can thrive well in any of the 3 locations and assures a high yield by end of October.

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