Caly Wompus

Caly Wompus Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
11 weeks or more
Growing Difficulty
1 – 2 inches
Sweet, skunk, hash, and grape

Where To Buy Caly Wompus Marijuana Seeds

Caly Wompus Marijuana Seeds Information

Crossing the renowned Kosher Kush with Purple Urkle creates this purple in color Caly Wompus strain. Along with the purple colors, it also brings the angelic white-like trichomes and its nugs are in dense and so sticky. Buds are in green colors that grow big.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Caly Wompus?

Sweet taste like a grape with a skunk and hash hints this strain will bring on your taste buds. It will give an ideal high impact that leaves you in feeling loose and calm. The high comes within the mind and will uplift your euphoria, creativity, and analytically. You will experience an expansion of hunger and sleepiness that will frantically draw you hungry and couch-locked.

What are the medical benefits of Caly Wompus?

The feeling of needing to take munchies will make you forget your appetite loss. It will make you sleep easily but in long hours. Alleviating pains in the body like inflammation, fatigue, and spasms will be cured. Additionally, depression and stress will be lowered by the inflicting positive thoughts this strain brings.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Caly Wompus

Using this strain will make your eyes and mouth dry. Likewise, this may actuate dizziness and paranoia when using excessively. Therefore, use wisely and properly of Caly Wompus.

How to Grow Caly Wompus?

This strain has the ability to demonstrate high protection against the bugs as wells as the restricted root space. The need to put support in its flowers as it may become hefty and weigh more. The warm climate indoors or outdoors must be done as this is the required climate type.

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