Cannabis Sativa Slang

Cannabis Sativa Slang Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Moderate to heavy
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
More or less 60 days
Outdoor and indoor
Growing Difficulty
Incense, pepper, citrus

Where To Buy Cannabis Sativa Slang Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis Sativa Slang Marijuana Seeds Information

Most of the time, when a weed is backcrossed to itself, the resulting strain tends to be unstable. However, Cannabis Sativa Slang makes some exemption since it successfully proves her stability in the cannabis world. A backcrossed of Early Girl, this marijuana strains a Sativa dominant created by Sativa Seed Bank.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cannabis Sativa Slang?

Offering a strong and delectable combination, Cannabis Sativa Slang offers the flavors of incense, pepper, and citrus for a mouth-watering smoking session. The effect of this weed is gradual. Its potency slowly crawls inside your body giving some psychedelic effects. It leaves you energized and happy but relaxed at the same time.

What are the medical benefits of Cannabis Sativa Slang?

Suitable for patients battling with stress and fatigue, Cannabis Sativa Slang’s relaxing effect helps you gro through it. It might also help patients with depression and anxiety. In addition, this marijuana is also a good choice for relieving chronic pain and body aches.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Cannabis Sativa Slang?

As part of its adverse effects, Cannabis Sativa Slang might cause you paranoia and anxiousness. These will surely happen with excess consumption of this weed.

How to Grow Cannabis Sativa Slang?

With Cannabis Sativa Slang, home growers have many options in their cultivation process. Aside from thriving indoor or outdoor, the greenhouse method is also highly effective for this weed in maximizing its growth. It is not difficult to cultivate and even starters might experience a high yield during the harvest season. Cannabis Sativa Slang only requires the basics in growing weeds and she’s good to go.

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