Cannatose F1 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
11 weeks or more
Sunny and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
Chocolate and grape

Where To Buy Cannatose F1 Marijuana Seeds

Cannatose F1 Marijuana Seeds Information

The pink tones with red and violet in the buds along with crystal trichomes this strain displays physically. The foliage comes in blurry rainbow colors and this can be seen during reap time. Its genetic lineage comes like a Math equation; watch as to how this was cross {(Reversed Oregon Cutthroat x F2 Magnum Opus) x (Reversed Reversed Oregon Cutthroat x Cannatonic)} F1. Thank the Street Medic Genetics on that crossing as this resulted in one of the best strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cannatose F1?

Cannatose F1 brings the blended chocolate with grape hints. It will outset you with bliss that will wash your minds in new and happy feelings. Your moods will be lifted and bring you in the stage of creativity. The impact leaves you feeling content and settled, and your body will then fall into oblivious sedation.

What are the medical benefits of Cannatose F1?

This cannabis strain dissolves away body torment like muscle fits, cramps, back pains, and cramps. It will permit you to remain the clarity of thoughts as this offers an incredible help on stress, PTSD, and depression. Additionally, it will give the best goodnight kiss as this imposes you to sleep easily and comfortably.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cannatose F1

You will get to feel parched which dries out your eyes and mouth when you ha this strain. When using this too much, the odds of feeling dizzy, anxious, or paranoid will highly be achievable.

How to Grow Cannatose F1?

You can cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors but with the right light to penetrate through. This should be placed under a lot of sunlight or on things that can give out the warmth like the sun. Additionally, keep this far from pests and molds.

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