Caramel Kush

Caramel Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% - 20%
1.25 oz per square feet
Flowering Period
6 – 8 weeks
Warm and semi-humid
Growing Difficulty
70 – 80 cm (indoor), 150 – 200 cm (outdoor)
Sweet, hash, coffee, and caramel

Where To Buy Caramel Kush Marijuana Seeds

Caramel Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

The Kosher Kush is being crossed by an obscure Indica and brought out the new Caramel Kush cannabis strain. The buds are generally huge, have a great thickness and show shades of blue and green, with better than expected trichome. Also, the pistils are extremely short and in orange color.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Caramel Kush?

This strain will offer a strong high that will crawl upon you and gives a quick empowering feeling. It will soon advance into a new smooth unwinding which keeps you feeling ecstasy. It will empower ideas and enhance physical activities.

What are the medical benefits of Caramel Kush?

The assistance of the Caramel Kush strain stops your stress, bipolar disorders, and depression. A soothing like impacts will incredibly dis migraines, torment, muscle strain, and insomnia. It will quiet down nausea and slips you into an agreeable rest. The alleviating pain from inflammation will be stopped and be replaced with more pleasant feelings.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Caramel Kush

The mixed feelings of being dehydrated and experiencing pain in the head will occur. It will substantially dry out your eyes and mouth, infuse headache or migraines, and trigger anxiousness or paranoia.

How to Grow Caramel Kush?

Growing this strain doesn’t require too many nutrients. You must keep the mineral levels genuinely low as to forestall nutrient burn. Also do no overfed this with water as this can cause to rot, and impose the right humidity to not harm its growth.

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