Understanding First Generation Cannabis Hybrid

first generation

First Generation hybrid breeding in genetics qualities is a kind of reproducing that spotlights on the initial generation age of plants or seeds. It is a kind of plant rearing that endeavors to train plants and change their genetic properties so as to best profit developing needs. In contrast to other hereditary reproducing attributes, this […]

The Truth About Cannabis Industry’s Possibility To Explode

Does the cannabis business believe it is exploding? You have discovered nothing still. Estimated to change course this year from the $13 billion business to more than the next year’s $40 billion markets, we are already on the verge of exponential increase which will significantly alter the industry landscape forever. Since out of fifty states […]

Marijuana Growing Sustainability: Facts Cannabis Growers Need To Hear

The good news of marijuana legalization is spreading in different states and that makes growers excited. Cannabis is a profitable market that growers in states that were allowed to cultivate had invested in it.  As more states are now favoring marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes, the demand is there to be met. Companies […]

Heads up, Lifted Ladies! Is Weed the New Viagra for Women?

It’s a lot easier to look for information and recent studies about marijuana today. Thanks to the Internet, now we can conduct research more conveniently. Undoubtedly, marijuana is a very hot topic these days. With myriads countries and governments pushing for its legalization, the number of people who are contemplating on cultivating and consuming it […]

How Does Marijuana Affect Your Pets?

Now that marijuana is being legalized in many places, veterinarians will most likely see an increase in instances wherein pets ingest weed accidentally. As a pet owner, what should you do when these things happen? How does marijuana affect your pets and the effects of marijuana on pets? We see a lot of discussions, debates, […]