CBD ACDC Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
1 %
THC Level
CBD Level
400 - 500 gr/plant
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8-10 Weeks
Warm and Sunny
Growing Difficulty
90 - 120 cm
Citrus, Lemon. Pepper and Sweet

Where To Buy CBD ACDC Marijuana Seeds

CBD ACDC Marijuana Seeds Information

ACDC’s acronym calls to mind the iconic rock band in Australia. Homegrown Cannabis Co produces this weed. It comprises an extreme level of CBD, which is 18 % and 1 % of THC. IN that effect, it makes her possible to produce significant clinical benefit with a close to zero cerebral high. CBD ACDC has slender leaves with long internodal gaps. Of that kind, it allows sufficient transmission of sunlight and circulation of air. Great for use in the morning.

What are the Flavor and Effect of the CBD ACDC?

You’ll feel like hitting the truck with this ganja right away. This Sativa leaning strain is thoroughly enjoyed when consumed due to its hint of lovely citrus in CBD ACDC increases its earthy taste. It also emerges with a delicate spice and a piney undertone. Her strength helps awaken your senses and enables your mind and body to improve creativity and combat chronic fatigue. With its decently potent effects, users can expect more cerebral results from the weed.

What are the medical benefits of CBD ACDC?

This CBD ACDC cannabis strain has different medical uses, but here are some of the most effective when it comes to using this Sativa dominant hybrid. It can relieve depression, anxiety, pain, and feelings of nausea.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from CBD ACDC

This weed also generates a calm cognitive to toe, which guarantees no jumpy effect.

How to Grow CBD ACDC? Some information and Tips

The CBD ACDC requires less training and support even though the plant is huge in scale. Growers should expect high yield rates when they do so under the right conditions. Growers are strongly advised to grow this herb indoors.

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