Cheese Kush

Cheese Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 23%
450 grams per square meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 weeks
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
100 - 150 cm
Cheese, garlic, lemon, diesel

Where To Buy Cheese Kush Marijuana Seeds

Cheese Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Everyone goes gaga over the classic Cheese strain. But if you try this hybrid strain from Kush Seeds called Cheese Kush, you will be amazed if how it doubles the wonderful traits of the said strain. The breeder has made it successfully by the blend of Cheese and OG Kush. You can expect more stimulating and powerful effects than the classic Cheese strain originally from the UK. It is a must-try for experienced consumers as they can handle the potency with no doubt.

You would love to grow this weed as it can have a rapid yield. It grows huge buds that release the stinky smell of blue cheese. It will cheer you up and give you relaxation at the same time. It’s best to consume it in the evening to end your day with your tired muscles. It’s an Indica-leaning variety that you can find solace while you get a nice flavor.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cheese Kush?

You must love this weed if you’re into the spicy and cheesy taste. The flavor is on the complex side and it will penetrate your taste buds. You will get the blend of cheese, lemon, diesel and a hint of garlic from smoking it. The effects are stimulating and it would give you a head high that makes you happy and cheerful. It also makes you more sociable as you will tend to be talkative.

Its potency includes the Indica effect that loosens you up as your muscles release the tension from working hard. It’s time for you to allow yourself to indulge in its relaxing haven.

What are the medical benefits of Cheese Kush?

It enhances a person’s mood so it can control such violent emotions. These instances may be brought by mental disorders like stress, anxiety, depression and mood swings. It lowers the intensity of cramps, muscle tension, spasms and even chronic pain from diseases. This weed is also for eating disorders as it boosts a person’s appetite. Puffing it will not make you worry about your eating habits.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cheese Kush

Weed causes dehydration so you can expect to have dry mouth and bloodshot, itchy eyes. Drink water or fluids while consuming weed. Stay on the dose you can handle so you won’t experience any pronounced adverse effects.

How to grow Cheese Kush?

Growers can let this plant flourish indoors and outdoors. When you have it indoors, make sure you provide it with enough space as well as the right pieces of equipment for ventilation and lighting systems. LED lights can fulfill the lighting needs of marijuana plants. Make sure you know the right nutrients in every growth stage. You don’t want your plants to experience deficiencies or nutrient burn.

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