Chemdawg Swirl

Chemdawg Swirl Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% and 20%
2.3 and 2.6 ounces, per square footage of the plant
Flowering Period
9 to 10 weeks
Growing Difficulty

Where To Buy Chemdawg Swirl Marijuana Seeds

Chemdawg Swirl Marijuana Seeds Information

This weed’s source stories comprise one version of a complex kernel discussion amongst associated cultivators at a Grateful Dead performance and additional story holding the strain’s paternity on a Colorado strain named Dog Bud (consequently called for its propensity to brand the user overturn comparable to a pooch).

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chemdawg Swirl?

Providing plants are correctly preserved, this strain has even smoked that palates acid and once gasped. Smokers might practice a honing of the minds and an augmented hyper-consciousness of their environments.

What are the medical benefits of Chemdawg Swirl?

The weed’s robust intellectual high has completed it valued in giving approximately of the indications related to pressure, nervousness, and even PTSD. Around enthusiasts of the strain label respite from long-lasting discomfort and migraines additionally.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Chemdawg Swirl

Since of its strong point and cerebral attention, it has likely to activate the type of overexcited, recursive rationale that can main to fear. By itself, even handlers with a in height broad-mindedness for THC are counseled to reasonable their consumption, therefore.

How to Grow Chemdawg Swirl?

It is a weed whose farming is improved right to more knowledgeable cultivators. For a though, it could lone be full-grown as a twin if cutting was gotten from a developed shrub; here and now, though, numerous seed businesses sell packed kernels of this weed. It is additional frequently grown at home than out-of-doors, as it needs a decent quantity of nurture to fight mold and fungus. Lastly, since of its pithiness, any farmers worried with clandestineness or will capitalize on interior fragrance-control actions such as carbon air sieves or exhaust fans.

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