Chemdog D Kush 1

Chemdog D Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Very high
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
60 days
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, fuel

Where To Buy Chemdog D Kush Marijuana Seeds

Chemdog D Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

You can include this hybrid strain in your stash if you’re an Indica lover. It’s another successful step of Reservoir Seeds in producing this relaxing variety. It’s a blend of Chemdog D and the Hindu Kush, which are both Indica varieties. It’s a suitable weed at the end of the day where you can get rid of stress and any unwanted feelings after a long day.

It’s not a strain for a faint of heart as its weight can knock you down. It’s wise to be responsible for the dosage that you take.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chemdog D Kush?

It will give you an earthy and fuel flavor. Its effect begins with cerebral high, and complete body relaxation takes place after it. You will feel elated first as it goes down to relaxation and sedation. You can easily fall asleep after you get stoned, which is accompanied by numbness.

What are the medical benefits of Chemdog D Kush?

This weed can overcome insomnia that pesters you with sleepless nights. It imparts numbness that can lower the pain or ache. It can also soothe the symptoms of mental ailments like mood swings, stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chemdog D Kush

Dry mouth and bloodshot, irritated eyes are its minor negative effects. To counter them, drink plenty of water or fluids.

How to grow Chemdog D Kush?

You can grow it outdoors, but it’s an ideal candidate for indoor plantation. It thrives well with soil or hydroponic system, so you can start with seeds for cultivation. Germination would be a great starting point. Then you can provide support to its maturity.

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