Chemdogging Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
90 grams per plant
Flowering Period
75 days from sprout
Growing Difficulty
Up to 90 cm
Earthy, diesel

Where To Buy Chemdogging Marijuana Seeds

Chemdogging Marijuana Seeds Information

This hybrid strain’s completion was accomplished after years of in-depth research and trials done by Mephisto Genetics. The effort wasn’t to put to waste as it is the first strain ever to start the line of elite auto-flowering weed. It was derived from Chemdawg d IBL and a Sativa dominant auto strain. It’s not described as an elite variety if it’s not potent, heavy-hitter and provider of long-lasting effects.

It has sticky, fat nugs that are slightly loose so it’s not prone to mold infestation even if you live in a place with crappy weather.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chemdogging?

The earthy flavor of this strain is defined with diesel. The effect sneaks into your system as it needs some few minutes to set in. You will feel numbness after 10 minutes. But once you feel it, you can testify to its remarkable potency. It has a bit of head high that promotes creativity.

What are the medical benefits of Chemdogging?

It soothes any pain or aches whether temporary or chronic as well as cramps, muscle spasm, and tension. Patients who need to have a break from symptoms of mental ailments can also rely on this weed. It can help you gain the amount of sleep that you need so it can treat insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chemdogging

It can give you dry eyes and dry mouth so you have to hydrate yourself.

How to grow Chemdogging?

Growers can place it outdoors and indoors as it thrives in photoperiod format that is known globally. Keep it in good condition as it grows to ensure a bountiful harvest.

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