Chemodo Dragon 9 BX

Chemodo Dragon #9 BX Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 -9 weeks
Warm environment
Growing Difficulty
Lemon, fuel, pure funk

Where To Buy Chemodo Dragon #9 BX Marijuana Seeds

Chemodo Dragon #9 BX Marijuana Seeds Information

Chemodo Dragon #9 BX plant produces a plant alike to its origin: glossy buds with a close-knit of nodes. It’s another delightful experience for experienced smokers. This new hybrid was formed by combining Chemdawg#4 and Gupta Kush strains. It delivers a long-lasting cerebral high, living up to its parents’ powerful characteristics. A feast of fuel, lemon zest, and pure funk scent, its strength is not suitable for those who are new to the club. The overwhelming high is rapidly becoming a favorite strain among experienced users.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chemodo Dragon #9 BX?

Living up to its name, the Chemodo Dragon #9 BX effects will never be tamed as a raging dragon. It will take you on a fuzzy cerebral ride. It’s like riding the back of a dragon beneath wisps of clouds, overhead spectacular scenery, then suddenly it swoops down to a catch a prey. The taste of lemon, pure funk and fuel is a great find for Chem/Kush lovers.

What are the medical benefits of Chemodo Dragon #9 BX?

Chemodo Dragon #9 BX is a true medical strain that dissolves any kind of pain. It is also being smoked to boot out anxiety and depression. The hit calms nerves and any stress-induced attacks. Its energizing effect increases creativity and focus, helping the user to be in active and perky state all-day long.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Chemodo Dragon #9 BX?

The side effects of using too much Chemodo Dragon #9 BX are similar to its benefits, but more severe this time. It can upsurge symptoms stress, anxiety and depression, causing the user to be paranoid about his surroundings. There will also be trouble in concentration, accompanied by being restless, nervous, and tense. Dry mouth and dry eyes are also fairly common.

How to grow Chemodo Dragon #9 BX? Some information and Tips

Children from the same parents don’t carry the same exact traits. Such is applicable for this hybrid. The plants which obtained more of the kush genes blossoms in 8 weeks, while the ones with the Chem will require an additional week. Nevertheless, either yield high potency and stable plants. For transplants, patience is a virtue for extra days, and careful watering while you’re at it. Water carefully until the roots are finally established. To gain a maximum yield, an additional week in the vegetative or veg phase is helpful. You can do this by putting the lamp timer on 18/6, meaning 18 light and 6 hours night/sleep for the plants.

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