Cherry Moon Pie

Cherry Moon Pie Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18.5 %
0.5 - 1Oz/Ft²
Flowering Period
7- 9 weeks
Warm and Slightly Arid Environment
Growing Difficulty
Sweet and Earthy 

Where To Buy Cherry Moon Pie Marijuana Seeds

Cherry Moon Pie Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain was created by cross-breeding Cookies and with Cherry pie. It was first bred by the Exotic gentrix. It has buds which are chunky in appearance with a structure that looks like that of Sativa and indica origins.

The leaves of this strain are dense and long with light green, purple and yellow hues. The flower produces curly leaves when cured and has whitish trichomes. It has a soil-like aroma with skunk and musk finishing. The buds of this strain will give a fresh pine scent when broken. When combusted, it produces a creamy and sweet smoke.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry Moon Pie?

The sedating effect of this is minimal compared to other strains. Just within a few minutes of your first exhale, the relaxing and calming effects will be experienced. Its euphoric effects will leave you wanting more of this strain. A good concentration enhancer, this strain will leave you with the required strength get any task done. Other effects to expect from this powerful strain are uplifting and happy effects. this strain will present you with a sweet and earthy flavour.

 What are the Medical Benefits of Cherry Moon Pie strain?

This strain has great medicinal effects which made cannabis users nicknamed it “godsent.” Patients with mood problems like anxiety, stress and depression will find this strain very helpful. This strain is also very effective in the management of attention disorders, chemotherapy side effects, loss of appetite and vomiting.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cherry Moon Pie strain

An increased dose or abuse of this strain can lead to the following: headaches, restlessness, dizziness, dry mouth and itchy eyes.

How to Grow Cherry Moon Pie strain?

This strain does well if grown indoors. New growers might experience difficulty in growing this strain. Trimming of the leaves is recommended. Watering should be done thrice daily. In some cases, fertilizer application can be used to enhance the growth and yield of this strain. The expected harvesting period of this strain is between 7 to 9 weeks of growing it.

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