Cherry S1

Cherry S1 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 – 10 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Medium – Tall

Where To Buy Cherry S1 Marijuana Seeds

Cherry S1 Marijuana Seeds Information

Cherry S1 is created from reversing the strain Cherry Pie. This strain brings clear and dark green leaves with frosted-like trichome buds. The best time to use this strain is any time of the day, but you need to take safety measures as it may hinder some of your things to do by its effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry S1?

Cherry S1uniquely brings the cherry-like undertone on a new level. By its cherry touches, this will leave you in a satisfying note. Not only will the flavor bring you happiness but also its effects. This strain will help in elevating your mood and also calms down your mind in a disorganized manner. Sleeping would be easily achieved as this will drive you fast in the couch-locked moment.

What are the medical benefits of Cherry S1?

The uplifting effects of this strain will draw your mind in a clear state. Consequently, this strain brings aid to depression, stress, and PTSD. Not just it only focuses on the mind, but this strain would also bring healing to bodily pains. The pain from muscle spasms or cramps and fatigue would decrease and brings you healing on it. Additionally, this will also bring a cure for nausea and nervousness.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cherry S1

Going beyond your normal level of using this strain will bring headache and sometimes it will trigger anxiety and dizziness. But when you use this with the best care, the negative you can get is dry mouth and dry eyes.

How to Grow Cherry S1?

Growing this strain can be indoors or outdoors. This strain will give its best growth in a warm environment. The usage of fertilizer and the proper amount of humidity levels will bring more prosperous growth.

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